What is the over view of Tra Que Village?
Tra Que Vegetable Village
Tra Que Vegetable Village is a small farming community located in Cam Ha commune, Hoi An City, Quang Nam Province, Vietnam. It is famous for its organic vegetables, which are grown using traditional methods and without the use of chemicals.
The village covers an area of about 40 hectares, with more than 200 households engaged in vegetable cultivation. The soil in Tra Que is fertile and rich in minerals, thanks to its location near the CoCo River.
The village is a popular tourist destination, attracting visitors who want to learn about traditional farming methods and experience rural life in Vietnam. Tourists can take part in various activities such as gardening, cooking classes, and cycling tours around the village.
Tra Que vegetables are also widely used in local dishes, particularly in the famous Hoi An noodle dish, Cao Lau. Visitors can sample the local cuisine and purchase fresh produce at the village market.
In recent years, Tra Que Vegetable Village has become a model for sustainable agriculture in Vietnam. The village has adopted environmentally friendly farming practices and has received certification from the Vietnamese government as an organic vegetable village.