Private Cooking Class
Private Cooking Class
Private Cooking Class (Min 2 People)
9:30 AM with visit market 32usd/person
 11:00 AM or 17:00 PM without visit market 28usd/person
The Cooking class can be organized for 01 person with surcharge 7usd
Private Cooking Class  should select 4 courses from the following menu (on booking)
  1. Hoi An Deep Fried spring roll
  2. Banana blossoms salad with shrimp and pork
  3. Papaya salad with shrimp and pork
  4. Sea food salad with basil and chili
  5. Beef salad with Vietnamese mint  and onion 
  6. Fried spring roll with spring onion and shrimp
  7. Tam Huu Rolls (Shrimp, pork, mint leave, spring onion)
  8. Stuffed cabbage with minced pork soup
  9. Clams soup with star fruit
  10. Clams soup with lemongrass  & Basil
  11. Sweat & Sour Fish Soup
  12. Hoi An’s most popular Quang noodle
  13. Hoi An’s most popular “Cao Lau” Noodle
  14. Hoi An Rice Pancake with Shrimp & Pork
  15. Fresh Vermicelli with BBQ Pork
  16. Pho Bo or Pho Ga
  17. Caramel Fish in clay pot
  18. BBQ Fish wrapped in Banana leaf
  19. .Fried fish with fish sauce
  20. Caramel pork in clay pot
  21. Caramel Pork Rib in clay pot
  22.   Sautéed pork  with lemongrass and chili
  23. Sweet & sour pork rib
  24. BBQ pork with five spice
  25. Stir-fried Rice vermicelli with Pork
  26.  Sautéed Beef  with onion
  27. BBQ beef wrapped in vine leaf
  28. BBQ beef wrapped Spring onion
  29. Sautéed Beef  with Pineapple & tomato
  30. Sautéed chicken with ginger
  31. Sautéed chicken with cashew nut
  32. Sautéed chicken with lemongrass and chili
  33.  BBQ Chicken with five spice
  34. Caramel shrimp in clay pot
  35. Sautéed shrimp  with lemongrass and chili
  36.  Stir-fried Rice vermicelli with Shrimp
  37. Caramel Eggplant in clay pot
  38. Stuffed tofu with minced pork & tomato sauce
  39. Stir-fried Rice vermicelli with Vegetable